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Opening Hours and Admission


Kőszegi Városi Múzeum
(6. Jurisics Square, Kőszeg)
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday 9 am - 17 pm
(Tel.: +36 30 219-0936)



Arany Egyszarvú Patika
(11. Jurisics Square, Kőszeg)
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday 9 am - 17 pm
(Tel.: +36 30 219-0936)


Fekete Szerecseny Patika
(3. Rákóczi Street, Kőszeg)
Admission should be bought in the
Arany Egyszarvú Patika
(Tel.: +36 30 219-0936)

Kőszegi Várkiállítás
(9. Rajnis Street, Kőszeg)
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday 10 am - 17 pm
(Tel.: +36 30 219-1036)


(valid through opening hours for every museums listed above except the Kőszegi Várkiállítás,
for more information go to the
website of the Jurisics Castle)

  Full price Discounted tickets* Free**


1.200,– Ft 600,– Ft

• children under the age of 6
• visitors with disabilities accompanied by a caretaker
• visitors over 70 years of age (for citizens of the EEA)
• elementary or secondary teachers employed by a school located within the EEA, with a  pedagogue ID showing its validity (preferably International Teacher Identity Card, ITIC), or with a statement of employment issued by the school within the actual school year
• ICOM and ICOMOS card holders


For groups
(at least 20 person)

 1.000,– Ft,  550,– Ft,

For families
(2 adults and 1 child)

2.500,– Ft --


*only for citzens of the EEA

  • student groups arriving from shcools located within the EEA (disregarding citizenship), up to 19 years of age
  • senior citizens aged 62-70 years

Please note, that 50% discount does not apply to visitors not falling into the above age groups even if in possession of student or senior citizen ID.

**Please note that free tickets can only be obtained on the day of the visit by presenting a proof of entitlement at the ticket desks.


You can get touch with us:

Kőszegi Városi Múzeum, Könyvtár és Levéltár
H-9730 Kőszeg, Jurisics tér 4.
Tel.: +36 94 360-240